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The key to internet marketing success is about getting maximum visibility in the multiple online channels where your clients spend their time: Search Engines, Social Media, Mobile Devices, and more. But you’re running a business without the time or know-how to execute an integrated online marketing plan. As consumer buying habits and internet technologies change, a single integrated solution makes it possible to attract quality new clients online and realize big ROI. Why? it’s about aligning all channels to deliver a consistent and powerful story that targets and engages new clients that would have otherwise been missed opportunities.

STEP 1: Website
We Create a Website Designed to Convert Visitors Into Clients

The world of Web design moves quickly, and it’s in your best interest to stay ahead of the curve. Your potential clients have more options than ever when making a purchasing decision. Why should they choose to do business with you? That’s the Million Dollar Question we answer for your clients through design and content.

Why this matters: When you invest to increase your website’s traffic but the site fails to engage your customer, they click the back button and keep searching. No sale, no new revenue. We ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Converting a website visitor to contact your business is at the center of everything we do. Do not miss another lead to poor user experience and design.

Included Features: Flex or Custom Design | Mobile Responsive | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Unique Content Creation

STEP 2: Blog Platform + Unique Content Creation
Fresh and Original Content Generation

Your business and brand can’t thrive in a competitive online space without compelling content that speaks to your most valuable potential clients. This requires consistent blog posts integrated with Social Media and paid online advertising. Fortunately, LeadFeed handles every single detail of your content strategy. We write and deliver unique and compelling blog and Social Media posts on your behalf that engages your target audience.

Why this matters: You must tell the story of your business to stand out from your competitors. New and consistent content that shares your company’s purpose, values, and mission needs to be at the center of a successful online marketing strategy. When content attracts and informs customers, it drives leads and sales. It gives your company a soapbox and a mouthpiece to increase awareness and cultivate a following. It’s critical to online marketing success.

Included Features: LeadFeed-authored Blog Posts | Social Media Integration | Facebook Paid Ads Integration | Blog Platform for Client Posts

STEP 3: Google Paid Ads
Show Up On Page #1 of Search Results

When one of your clients does a Google Search, your company needs to be at the top of the search results. We create and launch Google AdWord campaigns that gives your business visibility for the most important keyword searches. This advertising channel, when done properly, can have an immediate impact on the number of new phone calls and emails your business receives from prospective clients.

Why this matters: With 64% of US consumers flocking to Google to find information and ultimately buy something, it’s more important than ever that your business is easy to find. Google Paid Ads are very targeted towards your most valuable prospective buyers.

Included Features: Google AdWord Campaign Creation | Landing Page Creation | Keyword Research & Testing

STEP 4: Facebook Paid Ads
Build A Following & Generate Brand Awareness

Facebook advertising provides you the opportunity to reach new people who are similar to your customer base and are likely to be interested in your business. This gives you the ability to be more precise in your audience targeting through users’ profiles, interests, and more. We add compelling content and video to your Facebook Business Page then promote that content through targeted ads. Having a strong Facebook following is an indication that your brand and business has loyal customers.

Why this matters: The average US Adult spends 45.5 minutes per day on Facebook! Engaging prospects on Social Media helps keep you top of mind and delivers consistent new website visitors looking to learn more about what you can offer them.

Included Features: Creation & Optimization of Facebook Business Page | Creation of Facebook Ad Campaigns | Content Pushed to Facebook | Facebook Analytics

STEP 5: Local Maps Optimization
Help Your Business Show Up On Local Search Engines

The power of visibility in local search results can lead to direct new sales for your business.  Showing up in local Maps Sections and on Mobile Devices takes a concentrated effort to optimize and claim your local business profiles. We work with Moz Local and Google My Business to ensure your company information is consistent across the internet, giving you maximum local visibility to potential buyers.

Why this matters: Consumers choose to buy and do business close to home, and if you’re not showing up in their local searches they will go to a competitor that is. We ensure you dominate local searches giving your clients a clear path to your front door.

Included Features: Moz Local Listings Data Aggregator Setup | Updated & Consistent Business Listings | Local Search Management

ONGOING: Support, Re-Optimization, ROI Analysis
What Matters Most: New Contacts That Turn Into Sales

You’re most interested in increasing sales, and that’s our Number 1 metric that defines the success of our marketing efforts. You will have access to reporting that tracks new Calls and Emails to your business in the form of a new client lead.

Why this matters: Internet Marketing trends change quickly, and Online Reporting gives us 100% transparency into the online channels that deliver the highest Return on Investment for your business. This information allows for better decision-making on ways to continually improve and evolve your strategy. Out solutions will scale with your business growth.

Included Features: Call-Tracking | Email Form Tracking | Google Analytics Reporting Tools | Return on Investment Analysis

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